What I’m Working On, Part 2

Most translators specialize in certain fields: finance, legal, education, etc. As a former classroom teacher, I’ve specialized in education from the start of my translation business. I also work a lot with legal documents and art world publications. The past couple of years gave me the opportunity to work in new fields: -Community health andContinue reading “What I’m Working On, Part 2”

Life in California: A conference, a fire and a community

You may be wondering what the title of this blog post could possibly mean, but hang in there and let me explain! I recently returned from the 60th annual conference of the American Translators Association. This was my first time at the conference, and the week was filled with connections with translator and interpreter colleagues.Continue reading “Life in California: A conference, a fire and a community”

Springtime Rituals

Our part of Northern California received heavy rain this winter. While lots of rain is a blessing to this often-parched part of the country, it resulted in quite a few gloomy days after the initial, exuberant rain celebrations had worn off. Now it’s officially spring here in the Northern Hemisphere – we made it! ApartContinue reading “Springtime Rituals”

The Good Life

Last week I listened to the newest episode from one of my favorite podcasts, Las Raras Podcast. This one is all about Francisco Vio Giacaman. As a young man he traveled to Chilean Patagonia and vowed to return. Now, years later, he brings his passion for sustainable agriculture to the community of Puerto Guadal andContinue reading “The Good Life”

¿Dónde jugarán los niños?

For me, the last few days in the U.S. have been hellish/disappointing/scary. Last Friday I went to hear Maná in Oakland and it was a breath of fresh air. How wonderful to hear people on a stage actually speaking the truth. Your could feel the collective relief and agreement in the arena. Here’s a video with lyrics toContinue reading “¿Dónde jugarán los niños?”

Inspiración: Just Seeds Artist Cooperative

Justseeds.org is an artists’ cooperative that, in their own words, is “committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance.” I learned about the site via Rethinking Schools. I love the vibrant images and strong messages in these artist prints:       All images c/o justseeds.org. Have aContinue reading “Inspiración: Just Seeds Artist Cooperative”