One of the big winners this year at the Latin Grammys was Rosalía Vila Tobella, a 25-year-old Spanish singer-songwriter from Catalonia, Spain. Wait – you ask. A flamenco singer….from Catalonia?? Yes, A flamenco singer from Catalonia who is bringing her own style of “nuevo flamenco” mixed with hip-hop and pop to the forefront. Many sayContinue reading “Rosalía”

La Petenera

Last year I heard “La Petenera” for the first time. La Petenera is a song with its origins in Spain; it is sung in the flamenco style. There are actually many Peteneras, and they make up a specific category of flamenco song with a “palo” of a strong twelve-beat meter. The ever-popular “Sevillanas” are inContinue reading “La Petenera”

Una noche flamenca

This weekend we had the pleasure of seeing David Jenkins (“El Oso”) play flamenco guitar at 215 Main in Point Arena. Not only was it a treat to have a “big” night out here in our new rural setting, but to hear David’s playing was very special. David lived in Spain and studied flamenco guitarContinue reading “Una noche flamenca”

¿Dónde jugarán los niños?

For me, the last few days in the U.S. have been hellish/disappointing/scary. Last Friday I went to hear Maná in Oakland and it was a breath of fresh air. How wonderful to hear people on a stage actually speaking the truth. Your could feel the collective relief and agreement in the arena. Here’s a video with lyrics toContinue reading “¿Dónde jugarán los niños?”

Blue Tango Project

This weekend I had the good fortune to see Blue Tango Project live at the Red Poppy Art House.    Blue Tango Project is the creation of Argentine Latin Grammy nominee María Volonté and California-raised harmonica player Kevin Carrel Footer. When Kevin moved to Argentina many years ago, he became inspired by the tango community of BuenosContinue reading “Blue Tango Project”

Cure Your Back-To-School Blues!

Happy back-to-school season. If you are anything like me, you are bidding a bittersweet “hasta luego” to sleeping in, lazy days by a (fill in the blank: pool, ocean, river, etc.), and warmer nights. But have no fear, your Spanish mix is here! I’ve compiled a list of ten songs that will help keep thatContinue reading “Cure Your Back-To-School Blues!”