Mi camino al español: Malika Omawale

Welcome to the first installment of Mi Camino al español/My Spanish Journey! Mi Camino al español will be a series in which I profile individuals who have learned Spanish as a second (or third…or fourth…) language. Read about why these inspiring people decided to learn Spanish, how they became fluent, and the ways they maintain a connection with the Spanish language andContinue reading “Mi camino al español: Malika Omawale”

5 Ways to Give your Spanish an Energy Boost

Learning a language can fun and exciting. It can also be a challenge, especially when faced with boring grammar rules or hearing someone speak so fast that all you can glean from the entire conversation is that you think they ate at McDonald’s yesterday. So, how to keep your Spanish learning alive and well? Here are 5 energy boostsContinue reading “5 Ways to Give your Spanish an Energy Boost”

New video! – Inspirational Spanish Tip #1

Hi everyone – I’m thrilled to share my first video blog entry with you! These videos help to inspire those of you who are learning Spanish. I’ll provide you with tips and tricks that, no matter how you are learning Spanish, will help you to take learning into your own hands. The topic for video #1?Continue reading “New video! – Inspirational Spanish Tip #1”

América invertida

A group of us Spanish-speakers in my workplace have begun a monthly chat and social time, usually focused on a particular article, book, or film. We discuss topics related to Latin America and Spain, and reflect on our experiences as Spanish speakers here in California. Our first meeting focused on the idea of “pegarle deContinue reading “América invertida”

Intro to FluentU

I recently learned of a new language-learning resource called FluentU. This is a new website that will teach Spanish and a variety of other languages through level-based video content. Read on for info about this site and a special offer! How to use FluentU The first thing you will do upon signing up with theContinue reading “Intro to FluentU”