“Bienvenidos” a 2016

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! The new year will bring some fresh content to Life, Translated….plus keep reading for a special announcement about Summer 2016! In the new year I’ll continue to provide you with inspirational Spanish videos such as this one. You will also read new Spanish Journey profiles of people who have become fluent in Spanish.Continue reading ““Bienvenidos” a 2016″

Mi camino al español: Malika Omawale

Welcome to the first installment of Mi Camino al español/My Spanish Journey! Mi Camino al español will be a series in which I profile individuals who have learned Spanish as a second (or third…or fourth…) language. Read about why these inspiring people decided to learn Spanish, how they became fluent, and the ways they maintain a connection with the Spanish language andContinue reading “Mi camino al español: Malika Omawale”