What I’m Working On

Summer greetings to you!

I took a look at what types of translation projects I’ve worked on during the first half of 2021: January through June. Here is how it’s shaking out:

Two trends are clear. The first trend I notice is that a lot of education- and health-related projects came in over the past six months. This was a direct result of Covid-19 because many schools and medical/health providers increased their communication during the pandemic. The second trend I see is that arts-related translation is certainly down…as is travel-related translation, which only makes up a small part of that “Other” category. Not a surprise there! It will be interesting to see if the numbers change in the second half of 2021.

Hope you’re enjoying summer, wherever it finds you.

Published by Alison Trujillo


2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On

  1. Ali, this is an interesting post…I especially appreciate the circle graph format since it shows your work balance so well. I wonder what the graph will look like a year from now! Hopefully more travel work and less health-covid related posting.
    Much love to you, Mom


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