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Hello everyone! I hope you’re well and beginning to enjoy a bit more outdoor time if health restrictions are starting to relax in your area. Here where I live on the Sonoma Coast in Northern California, much remains closed. Luckily, daily neighborhood walks and lots of time in the garden are keeping me sane.

I thought I’d share some bits and pieces that you may be interested in…books, film, etc. To begin, I’m about to start reading Severina by Guatemalan author Rodrigo Rey Rosa. The English translation is by Chris Andrews. I learned about this book via the Global Reads Book Club for translators, led by French-to-English translator Eve Bodeaux.

As for film, there are three fun movies from Spain that caught my eye on Netflix: “La tribu” (“The Tribe”), “Gente que viene y va” (“People Who Come and Go”, but for some reason named “In Family I Trust”)  and “¡Ay, mi madre!” (“Oh, My Mother!”).

Finally, many of us are rethinking summer vacation plans as the stay-at-home orders continue. This article gives you a virtual vacation to Mexico City. I’ll be reading the article and making notes for the day when I can really be there in person…hoping for 2021!

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