Adventures in Translation

“Translators are the shadow heroes of literature, the often forgotten instruments that make it possible for different cultures to talk to one another, who have enabled us to understand that we all, from every part of the world, live in one world.” —Paul Auster, American writer

Rorschach tests are not useful for translators

Ha, ha! Finding the perfect word can seriously be a lifetime search. I’ve always enjoyed translation and interpretation and I’m doing more Spanish-to-English translation work now. I also love being a volunteer translator with Kiva, an international organization that connects people through lending to alleviate poverty. I translate the Spanish loan profiles into English (here is a recent one), which is a lot of fun because I get to read about different people’s dreams and goals, as well as learn new vocabulary related to micro-finance, small business, and international development.


Many of the small-business loan requests come from Mexico, Central and South America so we translate loan profiles from Spanish into English to make it easier for an international audience to find out about each borrower. There is a really wide variety of needs: loans for everything from dressmaking shops to fruit stands to dairy production to solar kits and more. You can check out Kiva’s work and get involved (for only $25!) here! –

If you yourself need a document translated from Spanish to English, connect with me!

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