“Estrenar” is one of my favorite Spanish words. This verb is often used to mean “to wear something for the first time.” It also means “to premiere” or “to debut.” When wearing something new for the first time, I often imagine that I am “premiering” the new shoes, or earrings, etc.

Here’s an example of how it might be used:

“Anoche estrené mi nueva chaqueta de cuero.” – “Last night I wore my new leather jacket for the first time.”

Fun, right? This word has a flashiness to it that, to me, brings to mind glittering lights and the excitement of something new.


“Estrenar” is fitting right now, as we’re in the beginning of a new year and entering into Oscars season, both of which bring new celebrity debuts, sparkling visuals of hopes and dreams, and fancy outfits—glittering and enticing for the first time.

For a few more examples of “estrenar,” click here.

Photo credit: The Cary Theater

Published by Alison Trujillo

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