Last year I wrote about one of my favorite Spanish words, estrenar. Another favorite is tocayo:

Tocayo: Namesake

I don’t feel that the English translation of this word really does justice to the Spanish meaning or sentiment. In Spanish-speaking countries, and especially in Mexico, tocayo is a heartfelt word to refer to someone who shares your same name.

For example, if you know someone with the same name and want to ask how they’re doing, you would say, “¿Cómo está mi tocayo?” This isn’t too common in English, with the exception of perhaps a more formal situation. In English, you might read in a history book that someone’s “son and namesake inherited the throne”. It’s more old-fashioned.

Here are more examples of how to use the word tocayo:

Image courtesy of SmackBangDesigns.

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      1. Yes, actually I do. Also, interestingly enough, a lot of people tell me I seem like an “Elizabeth”. Any time someone has forgotten my name, they’ll say something like, “What’s your name again? Elizabeth, right?” It’s happened my whole life.

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