Delivering Good News

The title of this new post sounds suspiciously religious, but it’s not! I’m offering a roundup of some good, positive things that have been going on in the Spanish-speaking world.

In the summertime and other vacation days, I spend a lot more time listening to news on the radio or perusing news stories online. As we know, the media loves to focus on the negative, and in fact that’s what tends to capture our attention most. However, I was craving more positive news.

It started in yoga class a couple of weeks ago. On the way to class I was in my car, listening to public radio. That morning, the news roundup was just a barrage of reports about horrible acts from around the world…never ending. Once I got to class, I was thankful for the quiet. At one point, everyone was sweaty and lying on their stomachs, in between backbends. While resting by cheek on my hands in front on me, I glanced around to see everyone around with eyes closed, serenely focused and breathing. We all looked so peaceful, and it struck me that, in the outside world we were all struggling and swimming upstream against each other, yet for a moment we were all in the same calm space together.

I decided I needed more connections like this with my fellow humans: more reminders of what we have in common, instead of what keeps us apart. Ever since, I’ve been trying to make a point of checking out positive news stories. So, in this spirit, here are a few links to good news from the Spanish-speaking world. BUENAS-NOTICIAS

de Colombia: “From drugs to dreams: The unlikely turnaround of Medellín” 

de España: “Spain in global first as wind power dominates”

de Chile: “Fog catchers pull water from air in Chile’s dry fields”

de México: “Mexico City Roof Gardens Take Root to Combat Smog, Warming”

de El Salvador: “Salvadoran president’s home becomes gallery with focus on poor”

de Costa Rica: “Even in defeat, Costa Rica celebrates”

Happy reading!


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