Intro to FluentU

I recently learned of a new language-learning resource called FluentU. This is a new website that will teach Spanish and a variety of other languages through level-based video content. Read on for info about this site and a special offer!


How to use FluentU

The first thing you will do upon signing up with the site is choose which level of language learning you are at – complete beginner to Advanced or Native. After this, you will see a number of videos available to you, in the target language, based on your level of fluency. One aspect of this site I really like is the ability to highlight a word from the Spanish subtitles of a video and add it to a virtual vocabulary list for later study – super easy.

10 Private Beta Invites

Here’s the fun part – FluentU gave me 10 private beta invites! The first ten people to contact me will receive an invite to use the site for free during the beta testing! You will be able to tour the site, watch videos, and more. This will help to ensure that the site runs well when it goes completely live.

Happy learning,


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