The Holidays Are Here

The 2022 holiday season has arrived! At first, it seemed to come “on little cat feet” like in Carl Sandburg’s poem “Fog.” Now it’s in full swing: carols playing in every shop and winter-themed coffees, sweet treats, and cocktails. Here’s a cheery scene from the café table I’m writing at this morning:

Client projects are especially inspiring to me at this time of year, and 2022 seems even more robust because events and offerings are in person again. Some of my translation and editing projects this season range from descriptions of health and wellness fairs and services here in California to annual reports that describe leaps and bounds made over the year; holiday recipes from Mexico to a collection of essays from writers and artists living in Alaska.

I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and look forward to connecting in 2023!

Published by Alison Trujillo

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