On: Fire and Patagonia

I believe I’ve found the real-life inspiration for The Most Interesting Man in the World: Francis Mallmann.

journal de montreal

Francis Mallmann is a famous Argentine chef and is featured on Season 1 of “The Chef’s Table” on Netflix. The series’ profile of Mallmann is a feast for your eyes and your heart as you watch him, deep in the winter of Patagonia, cook over an open fire, talk about his travels around the world, and share nuggets of wisdom along the way:

I’ll let Food and Wine’s detailed article share all about his cooking style and his three restaurants in South America. In the meantime, here are some “life advice” takeaways I gleaned from the interviews with Mallmann:


-Growing up means you learn to say no – to say no in a nice way, but to say no.

-It’s important to tell the truth and show who you are, even if it hurts or is difficult.

-Learn from your employer/mentor/predecessor…and then find “a way and a language of your own.”

-You don’t grow on a secure path. To conquer new things in life means risk and to be “at the edge of uncertainty.”

Mallmann has lived an adventurous life. He has often eschewed traditional responsibilities of home and family to follow his creative drive. For instance, he only sees his daughter a few days per month. As a woman I do wonder: How would a woman chef be portrayed differently in these same circumstances? Would she also be hailed as independent/unique/trailblazing? Food for thought. 🙂

Now I’m thinking of Patagonia…and reading about The Road of the Seven Lakes makes me want to go. For musical inspiration by way of Argentina, read about Blue Tango Project.


Images courtesy of wandermelon and Food and Wine.

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