Spanish/English Fire Safety Vocabulary

Here in the Western United States, this time of year brings a flurry of communications about wildfire prevention and safety. Organizations are preparing resource lists and social media posts in advance of any wildfire event, and of course it’s important to get these written communications out in different languages.

In case you or your organization needs a jump start on some frequently-used terms in English and Spanish, here is a list of Spanish/English Fire Safety Vocabulary that may prove useful. These are some of the most frequently-used terms I translate when it comes to wildfire safety and preparedness.

Bilingual communications are found everywhere! Here is a Spanish/English forest fire danger index sign in Mendoza, Argentina, courtesy of Los Andes.

Published by Alison Trujillo

2 thoughts on “Spanish/English Fire Safety Vocabulary

  1. Hi Ali…interesting article about Spanish/English fire terms. I suggest sending this info to MEC Roofing and Housekeeping Services and to SYRCL…both in Grass Valley…and both with many Spanish speaking workers.



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