Latin America in Words and Pictures


The New York Times currently has a special series that highlights Latin America in words and pictures. “Latin America Through a Lens” takes you to five locations: Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia, and Guatemala. I especially like the article and photos about Bogotá, Colombia, as it ties in with a documentary I recently saw called Urbanized. Part of the film highlights the improvements in public transportation, bike lanes, and pedestrian areas that Bogotá now has.

Overall, the articles in this series seem to be well-rounded and have great details about each place highlighted. One of the features – in which the writer describes what she seems to feel is a slightly torturous drive to an off-the-beaten path spot – is a little overdone and does not take into account the real experience of local people and how they may experience their home. Well, some travel writing can totally miss the mark. Overall, though, I like that the NY Times has given us a series of photos and articles that show the diversity of people, places, food and more that is Latin America. It makes me want to explore more.

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