It’s cookie time! Biscochitos are traditional anise-flavored cookies from New Mexico. You can find them around the state and they are a special holiday staple. Biscochito is the diminutive form of bizcocho in Spanish, which basically means “biscuit”.

The biscochito is New Mexico’s Official State Cookie! They were first introduced to New Mexico by Spanish colonists who settled in present-day Santa Fe and moved throughout the state.

My in-laws brought some over last week and they are so delicious. I haven’t really seen anything quite like them sold in California…guess I’ll have to make my own. 😉 Here are a couple of recipes to try:

From “New Mexico” Magazine: Bizcochito Recipe (note the different spelling…it’s a thing)

From The Inn of the Governers in Santa Fe: Famous Biscochito Recipe


Photos courtesy of Leite’s Culinaria and Some the Wiser.

4 thoughts on “Biscochitos

  1. Nice post on a cookie that is dear to my heart! They are definitely not sold in California, as they are unique to New Mexico;though I wouldn’t be surprised if someplace like San Luis, CO has them-but that’s former NM territory. I have seen the biZchochito spelling more commonly, probably a nod to the bizcocho derivation.

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