Cables, Waves, and Trails

Views along the Napali Coast, Kaua'i.
Views along the Napali Coast, Kaua’i.

I just got back from nearly one month of nonstop travel, and it feels good to be home! Today I ate lunch at one of my favorite falafel joints here in San Francisco. I have to say, it would have been tough to find Mediterranean food as good as today while I was in Costa Rica and Hawaii.

So, I am here to report that I reached my travel goals – ziplining in Costa Rica, surfing, and pushing myself physically on hikes in Kaua’i. First, the ziplining in Costa Rica:

The canopy tour was beautiful. My students and I zipped, rappelled, and balanced our way through the jungle. The first couple of jumps were very scary for me, and I just kept my eye on the platform ahead me….or far below me…by the end I was having fun. The last zipline was gorgeous and veeeeery loooong. I could hear the Pacuare River rushing below me. I also had the chance to take a surfing lesson in Costa Rica, and my instructor was great. I got up three times!

Hiking in Kaua’i was beautiful, difficult, and uplifting. The scenery is breathtaking, and at times it is as if you are stepping right out of a photo from the guidebook. On the island, “breathtaking” means hills, mountains, lots of scrambling, lots of sun, and – for us – lots of rain! We hiked four different trails, and two of those were in the pouring rain and mud. We had the gear, though, and figured it was better to get drenched than to be bored inside. The elevation and steep climbs were challenging. In all, we hiked twenty-four miles over eight days.

How is your own summer travel shaping up? I hope you have a moment to rest and rejuvenate this season.

Here are some shout-outs from my two trips!

-Costa Rica Explorations: Service learning trips in Costa Rica for students in Middle and High School.

-Turrialba, Costa Rica: Where my students spent most of the time in Costa Rica.

-Hacienda Tayutic: A working hacienda in the lush mountains of Costa Rica’s Turrialba region.

-Holo Holo Boat Tours: Highly recommended for a sunset cruise of Kaua’i’s Napali Coast.

-Kauai Explorer: Updated hiking guide to Kaua’i.

-Casa di Amici, my favorite meal in Kaua’i:

-Anahola Cafe and Saimin Stand: Classic saimin and plate lunches, plus benefits a local nonprofit dedicated to projects on Hawaiian Home Lands.

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