Around My Neighborhood: Berkeley, California

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This is a special post, because it is a collaboration with the wonderful blog The Piri-Piri Lexicon. For blog owner Annabel’s feature called “Show me your neighborhood around the world,” I’m going to take you on a mini trip to Berkeley, California – my hometown.

For this post, I have to share a minimum of six pictures of typical scenes from around my neighborhood.  Photos must be taken by the blogger (me!) and include a typical mode of transportation, a school or educational facility, a market or shopping facility, a typical house, a nearby street, and a playground.

I now live across the bay in San Francisco, which I love. However, SF has been featured already, and Berkeley will always be my first home. It’s a great place to live and to grow up. Berkeley is also home to the University of California at Berkeley. From hippie history to civil rights marches,  farmers markets to diverse restaurants, hikes in the hills to live music at Freight and Salvage – this is a town rich in culture and experiences. And, yes, you’ll still see the odd tie-dye shirt. 🙂


JeffersonJefferson Monkey BarsMadeleine







To begin, here are pictures of my two elementary schools. Jefferson (the two pictures on the left) is where I attended Kindergarten, and it is a public school. For the rest of elementary school, I attended a Catholic school: The School of the Madeleine, the third picture. In much of California, the public schools are suffering: budget cuts and mismanaged funds have resulted in very poor performance. Many families choose to send their children to a private school if they can afford it or obtain financial assistance.


Play StructureCedar Rose 2








Berkeley has many parks, and here is a park and play structure near my childhood home: Cedar Rose Park. On a sunny day, you will find families and friends playing, picnicking, and playing soccer or frisbee. It’s also a popular place for people to bring their dogs.



BusCars are the main method of transportation in our state. That being said, Berkeley is a very bike-friendly town. Public transportation in Berkeley consists of buses or the BART system, which is a subway system that will get you into San Francisco and other surrounding cities. Lots of people commute into the city on the BART train. A bus ticket costs $2.10 for adults and $1.05 for kids and seniors. A one-way BART ticket from Berkeley to San Francisco is about $4.00.


House 1House 2


House 3




Here are some typical Berkeley houses. Popular styles of homes here are Spanish and Craftsman. Lots of people have retained the original character of these homes, and go to great lengths to make sure their architectural details shine! You may be familiar with the famous architect and designer Julia Morgan. Many of her buildings are in Berkeley, and they are a sense of pride for the locals.

Berkeley HillsFlatsIn the flatter parts of Berkeley, you’ll find cozy, eclectic homes and tree-lined streets. Up the hills, houses tend to be bigger, and the streets are very curvy…you often have to pull over to the side to let another car pass.



Last but not least, the food!

Berkeley BowlInside Berkeley BowlCheese Board






I’ve included a picture of Berkeley Bowl, where lots of people love to shop for groceries. It’s a real Berkeley institution. Another local favorite is the Cheese Board. It has delicious cheeses from around the world, as well as freshly baked pizzas. There are also farmers markets on different days of the week, depending on the neighborhood.




So, I think I’ve checked all the boxes for my post…it’s been fun to reflect on my hometown and to share these pictures with you all. Happy travels,


PS: This is for the locals.


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