Homenaje a Francisco Toledo

“Chapulín (Grasshopper),” 1980

Today’s post is an homage to Francisco Toledo, in my opinion one of the greatest Mexican artists of all time. He passed on September 5th at the age of 79, and the art world has been remembering and celebrating all he did and was.

Francisco Toledo was born in Juchitán, Oaxaca in 1940. He attended art school in Oaxaca City as a young man. He later studied in Paris and other cities, yet always drew his primary inspiration from the energy of his native Oaxaca.

“Vaca mala (Bad Cow),” no date
“Lagartijillas (Little Lizards),” 1985

Over the years his art and activism gained him much recognition in Mexico and abroad. He recently made cometas (kites) emblazoned with images of the disappeared. He flew these kites in the streets of Oaxaca.

As one news article put it, Francisco Toledo’s spirit continues to fly kites up in the sky. We thank him for the inspiration and activism; he will be sorely missed. For a recent profile of the artist, read this Smithsonian article.

“Barriendo sapos (Sweeping Toads),” 1971


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