A Newsy Post

Here we are with summer well underway! I’ve been enjoying slower days, longer evenings with the sun still out, and a recent full moon accompanied by Mars.

Since starting my Spanish to English translation business, I’ve been pretty good about establishing a daily routine when working from home. However, I’m finding it much more challenging to give myself a break during summertime. With no one to tell me, “Time for vacay!”, I have to create it for myself and decide when and where to take off. Little by little I’m learning to let go, trusting that opportunities won’t pass me by when I step away from a computer, and to just enjoy the moment.

The fact that there’s so…much…going….on in the world around us certainly helps to get me distracted from a to-do list. A huge upset for Spain in the World Cup….AMLO wins Mexico….and, of course, other’s people’s dreamy vacation photos!

In case you also need a little distraction, here are three newsworthy and positive stories that I found today for your reading enjoyment.

1. Spanish scientists spotted the first great white shark to be seen off the coast of Mallorca in decades.

2. Aeroméxico made it’s first trans-Pacific flight, the first of its kind to be operated by an all-female crew.

3. This Venezuelan soccer star is helping to bring FIFA Women’s World Cup to our attention.




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